6 January, 2021

Here at Smile Bright Dentures, our professional denture clinic offers denture reline procedures. Our trusted staff and dentures specialists are happy to answer your questions about our denture reline services.

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What is a Denture Reline?



What is a Denture Reline?

What is a denture reline and how can I tell if I need one?

Due to the changing shape of the mouth over time as well as the wear and tear that dentures sustain, denture reline is necessary occasionally to ensure that dentures fit properly and comfortably.

If you suspect that you need a denture reline procedure, contact Smile Bright Dentures today to speak with our dentures specialist or continue reading to learn more about how to reline dentures.


How To Reline Dentures

There are multiple kinds of dentures and the denture reline procedure will be different depending on the type of dentures that you have.

Continue reading to learn more about the two types of dentures and what the denture reline procedure is like for each.


Hard Reline Denture

Hard dentures should be relined every one to two years. The hard denture reline procedure follows these three steps:

  • The plastic layer will be removed from the interior of your dentures.
  • Your dentures will then be filled with a type of putty that molds to the shape of your current mouth/jaw.
  • The denturist will take an impression of the shape of your mouth to ensure accurate dentures fit.


Soft Denture Reline

Soft relines follow the same procedures as a hard reline, but the difference is that soft relines use a more comfortable liquid polymer as the base for your dentures. This makes soft denture relines ideal for people who are new to wearing dentures.

Another advantage of soft relines is that they can be formed and delivered much faster than hard relines.

On the other hand, one disadvantage is that soft denture relines don’t last as long as hard relines.


how long does a soft denture reline last


How Long Does a Soft Denture Reline Last?

A soft denture reline can last up to two years before needing to be relined. If you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort for longevity, then you should consider a hard denture reline, as a hard reline can last for many more years.

Where To Get Your Denture Reline Procedure

If you are looking for where to get your denture reline procedure done, look no further than Smile Bright Dentures.

Our denture services include:

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At Smile Bright Dentures, we strive to provide professional, denture services that are comfortable, and affordable for our clients. We understand how important it is to have dental comfort and want to provide each one of our patients with the denture reline services that they need in order to lead a comfortable life.

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