7 March, 2023

Dentures can effectively replace natural teeth, providing patients with comfortable and healthy teeth for speaking and eating. However, choosing the ideal set of dentures for you can be challenging, as many different types are available, each with distinct drawbacks and advantages.

3 Typical Snap-In Dentures Issues

This article will cover a few of the most common problems with snap-in dentures so you can make an informed decision regarding your dental health.

Dentures Can Be More Fragile

Snap-in dentures typically consist of a denture base that fits over your natural teeth to hold them in place and a prosthetic tooth that snaps onto the base with a clasp mechanism. This design makes it easy and convenient to insert and remove, but it can also lead to premature breakage. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of this risk until they already have a cracked or broken denture.

To Avoid Issues, You’ll Need to Brush the Implants.

Another of the most common problems with snap-in dentures is the maintenance involved. Because they require constant cleaning and occasional repair, this type of denture requires a more significant time commitment on the part of the patient than traditional dentures. Frequent brushing and denture soaking can help prevent the buildup of bacteria and plaque that can lead to infection or irritation of the gums, but many patients still struggle to keep these products clean.

The Snaps Wear Out Over Time

Finally, snap-in dentures frequently break because the snaps wear out over time. While dentists can replace the snaps during a routine checkup, this does present an inconvenience for patients who want to remove their dentures during long trips or need maximum durability from their dental implants.

Disadvantages of Snap-in Dentures

Although snap-in dentures are relatively common, they present several distinct disadvantages compared to other options on the market. These include an increased chance of breakage and the need for daily maintenance to prevent damage to the implants. Additionally, they are more expensive than traditional dentures and may be more challenging to clean. Ultimately, the type of dentures you choose will depend on your unique needs and preferences, so it’s important to discuss your options with your dentist before making any decisions.

Common Problems of Snap-In Dentures

Because of the pervasive issues relating to snap-in dentures, many patients choose alternative treatments instead. Fortunately, several options are available, including traditional full dentures and dental implants. However, you should consider the pros and cons of each therapy before making a decision. Working with a dental expert you trust is a great way to find the ideal dental treatments without risking your health. Be sure to contact your healthcare provider if you have any questions about the condition of your implants or the fit of your dentures.

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