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Custom dentures can restore confidence (and a pearly smile) to anyone. Having high-quality dentures and denture care services is really important as functional dentures are essential for eating convenience and a great smile.


Denture Care Center Services

At Smile Bright Dentures we offer a variety of professional new dentures and denture repair services in the Snohomish County.

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Full Dentures

Here at Smile Bright Dentures, we offer full denture services at our dental lab center. We are able to give our patients a set of full dentures that look natural, are high quality, and custom made to fit you.

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Partial Dentures

If you are only in need of replacing a few missing teeth, our partial dentures will help complete your smile. At Smile Bright Dentures, we offer well-fitting, natural partial denture services for those who need them.

Denture Repair

If you’ve cracked or broken a denture and are in need of denture repair, our denturist lab will be happy to repair your dentures for you in a minimal time frame. Our professional denturists know that dentures are essential for practical reasons (like chewing properly) and so we promise our clients prompt dental care and repair services.

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Denture Reline

If your dentures are ill-fitting or uncomfortable, you might need denture reline. This is the process where the underside of your dentures is reshaped to more properly and comfortably fit your mouth.

Denture Tooth Extraction

Do you need a painful or crooked tooth extracted for your dentures to fit? Smile Bright Dentures offers tooth extractions for those replacing a natural tooth for dentures. There are a number of reasons why individuals might choose to have a tooth extracted and dentures put in its place. The tooth in question might be painful, crooked, or affecting other teeth in the mouth. Any of these reasons is enough to have a bothersome tooth extracted and replaced with a functional set of dentures.

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Flipper Dentures

This service is designed for individuals who may be missing one or more teeth and want to complete their smile with a removable flipper denture. The flipper will be attached to a customized removable retainer to make things easier for you.

Flexible Dentures

While some might not be able to tell the difference between partial and flexible dentures, flexible dentures are made from different materials that allow for more flexibility than partial dentures. One of the benefits of flexible dentures is that they are gentler on your gums so if you have sensitive gums you may want to opt for flexible dentures.

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Immediate Dentures

Following the removal of several natural teeth, you might want immediate denture services. This is where partial or full dentures are given to you the same day that your natural teeth are removed. Immediate dentures are useful because they ensure that you don’t have gaps or missing teeth for long.

Denture Adjustment

Here at Smile Bright Dentures, we offer denture adjustment services to help your dentures fit more comfortably in your mouth. The shape of your mouth and jaw changes over time and it’s due to this reason that you might need denture adjustments from time to time. 

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Snap-In Dentures

Snap-In Dentures are a permanent option that includes metal implants into the jaw that allow the dentures to snap on to. These are a type of dentures that are designed to fit over existing teeth roots and are used to fill in the gaps of missing teeth. Overdentures may be removed and fit snugly on the existing roots for a natural fit and complete smile.

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