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Every year, Smile Bright Dentures receive hundreds of calls from people in and around Marysville looking for full dentures. Researchers from the CDC reveal that over 26% of adults over 65 years old have fewer than eight teeth remaining in their mouths, and about 17% of the senior population has lost 100% of their teeth.

Most older adults are not as internet-savvy to try looking up terms like “Marysville full set of dentures near me” or “Marysville full dentures near me.” They may even choose a clinic without visiting the office’s website or reading online reviews. Thankfully, they can rely on Smile Bright Dentures.

Contact our clinicians and specialists at Smile Bright Dentures if you are looking for Marysville full-mouth dentures. We offer:

  • Marysville complete dentures
  • Partial dentures for patients with only a few missing teeth
  • Denture repair services for chipped, cracked, and broken dentures
  • Denture relining for patients with evolving face shapes
  • Tooth extractions
  • Flipper dentures for people who want a removable retainer

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Dentures and Life Expectancy

Full or Complete Dentures in Marysville

Dentures are the number one tooth replacement solution for people with missing or gapped teeth. They’re available in full, partial, and removable models, giving everyone access to a natural-looking and beautiful smile at a broad range of price points.

Most Marysville full dentures are porcelain or acrylic resin, and we recommend them for patients who want comfort and cost-effectiveness in one package. Acrylic resin is cheaper and lighter to wear, while porcelain attempts to mimic the appearance of natural teeth to a tee, making them more expensive and fragile.

Types of Marysville Full-Set Dentures

Classic Dentures

Classic dentures are the fastest to manufacture and the most cost-efficient among our offerings. Our technicians make them from heat-cured acrylics that match the shape of your bite. They are lightweight, durable, and beautiful.


Deluxe Dentures

Deluxe dentures are our mid-range offering for patients looking for a middle ground between quality and cost-effectiveness. They are heat-cured acrylic dentures with 12 shade variations that mimic natural teeth more closely.


Platinum Dentures

Platinum dentures are custom-made solutions that offer maximum stain, odor, and crack resistance. We craft them in 27 shades, allowing customers to recapture their natural smiles.


Who Needs Full Dentures?

If you’re searching for terms like “Marysville dentures full set,” chances are you’re already an excellent candidate for dentures.


Marysville full-set dentures are ideal for patients who:

  • Have missing teeth due to bleeding, diseased, or swollen gums
  • Experience chronic toothaches
  • Unable to eat the foods they like because of cavities or missing teeth
  • Have low self-esteem because they can’t smile properly


Taking Care of Full Dentures

Dentures keep their brand-new look longer when patients remove and rinse them after a meal. Brush and soak them in a cleaning solution periodically to prevent plaque and tartar buildup, especially if you smoke.


High Quality & Valuable Full Dentures in Marysville From Smile Bright

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