11 January, 2023

What is a denture reline, and why would you need one? Dentures are common and cost-effective alternatives to dental implants, but they don’t last forever. 

In this post, the dental experts from Smile Bright Dentures explore when and why denture relining could be worth a look.

So, What is a Denture Reline?

Relining the dentures involves a simple procedure to correct worn or loose dentures. It restores dentures to their proper sizes or shapes with a literal relining of the material. One example where the process might become necessary is when the gums naturally recede with age.

There are various reasons you might consider a denture reline over other options. The most prominent benefits include the following:

  • Less excess pressure on your soft tissues (and less resulting pain)
  • Less risk of lumps and lesions, as the better fit prevents irritation
  • Less chance of damaging your teeth and dentures
  • More affordable than ordering a new set of dentures

Professionals like Smile Bright Dentures typically offer either a soft or a hard reline. We cover both ways and how to reline denture fittings effectively below.

Why You Need Denture Reline?

Dentures are not as durable as implants. Teeth also change due to use or age. When dentures no longer fit correctly, this is a sign they need relining. 

In some cases, dentures might even need an entirely new design to ensure the best denture reliner option for more comfortable eating and talking.

The dentist’s procedure will likely include the following:

  • Denture measurements
  • Gum line impressions
  • New denture attachment
  • A final check once the cement hardens

What is a Soft Reline For Dentures?

What is a denture reline procedure going to look like? It typically includes local anesthesia in the dentist’s office and takes less than a day to reline dentures. A soft reline suits mild conditions or patients not ready for an entirely new denture fitting.

The bone under a lost or removed tooth may resorb naturally, receding the gums. The jaw will then shift unevenly, resulting in wrinkles in the denture. During the soft relining procedure, the dentist may remove some gum tissue to reshape the bone and align it with the new denture. 

How long does a soft denture reline last? It depends on how quickly the gum and bone ridges normalize. Most patients can expect to repeat this process every couple of years.

What is a Hard Reline For Dentures?

The second option involves a hard reline denture, typically for the following reasons: 

  • Advanced gum disease
  • A long time relying on dentures
  • Damaged dentures 
  • Full replacement

Hard relines take longer because of the affected gums and bone tissue. It involves realigning the jaw’s shape and correcting the denture’s fit. It may last up to five years.

More About Relining Dentures From Smile Bright Dentures

Are ill-fitting dentures becoming unbearable? Follow up with your dentist on possible solutions like soft or hard relining. A dentist can tell you how to reline a denture, including options that involve reshaping dentures or using additional attachments.

What is a denture reline worth to you? Call Smile Bright Dentures at 425-309-7698 today to find out more.