6 June, 2023

Dentures are a great option for bringing back your smile when your natural teeth decay or fall out. While dentures may seem like a complicated solution, new dental technology has made them more comfortable and reliable. Many common denture problems now have simple solutions that increase your comfort and make your dentures more effective.

The Most Common Denture Problems

You might experience some of the following common problems with your dentures, but you can easily work with your dentist to find solutions:

  • Irritated gums and mouth: Loose dentures and other complications can cause the dentures to rub against your mouth or gums and cause irritation.
  • Trouble chewing or speaking: Getting used to the foreign object in your mouth can make chewing and speaking difficult at first.
  • Loose dentures: Changes in your gums and jawbone can cause dentures to feel loose and move around in your mouth.

Oral infections: Upper denture problems often include infections, such as cheilitis and stomatitis.

Find Solutions for Your Denture Problems

Luckily, many common denture problems have easy solutions that just take time and patience. You can find the best solutions for common denture troubles with the help of a dentist. At Smile Bright Dentures, our experts can provide the technology and information to find a solution to your denture problems.

You can find out more about both upper and lower denture problems and solutions or learn about full denture and partial denture problems and solutions by contacting our team. Being aware of the common issues and fixes for each type of denture can help you find the best options for your needs.

How to Overcome Common Denture Issues

Dentures don’t have to make you uncomfortable for long. You can overcome problems with proper care and proactive steps for maintaining the integrity, safety, and condition of your mouth and dentures.

Overcoming common issues like discomfort and damaged dentures requires you to take care of your dentures and your oral health. Follow best practices, such as removing your dentures before sleeping, cleaning your dentures daily, and cleaning your mouth consistently. You can also overcome issues by communicating your concerns to your dentist and taking the time to become comfortable with the dentures.

Solutions to Common Denture Issues

Many denture complications now have effective solutions. Learn how to solve denture problems with the following solutions:

  • Fittings: A professional fitting allows a dentist to adjust your dentures according to any changes in your gums that may cause movement.
  • Adhesives: Denture adhesives can remedy loose dentures. Your dentist may recommend an adhesive paste to apply to your dentures for added stability.
  • Practice: When speaking or eating feels difficult with dentures, begin by speaking and chewing slowly and practice forming words to improve your comfort with the dentures.

Soft foods: If dentures make chewing uncomfortable, switching to soft foods can help.


Denture wearers can trust our team at Bright Smiles Dentures for answers to the most common full and partial denture problems and solutions. With time, patience, and guidance from our certified dentists, you can overcome denture issues for a great smile. Ask about immediate dentures for a great smile after an extraction.