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Your smile is your best asset. However, you might not smile as much if you have cracked or broken dentures. Luckily, Smile Bright Labs is here to help!

We provide the best denture repair in Arlington and offer our services with a smile so that you can enjoy yours once again.

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Smile Bright— Denture Repair Lab Arlington

Broken or cracked dentures are not only painful and unsightly, but they can also make it difficult to eat and talk. If you notice that your dentures are loose or broken, you should visit Smile Bright Arlington denture repair labs immediately.


We provide a complete range of denture repair services. No job is too big or too small; we can handle everything from replacing missing or yellowed teeth to mending dentures broken in half. Our denture repair dentists in Arlington can help reduce mouth pain, restore function and appearance, and maintain gum health with our affordable denture repair services.

Denture Repair Services in Arlington

As the top provider of denture repair in Arlington, we have everything you need to enjoy perfect dentures. Our services include:


  • Walk-in denture repair: If you can’t find the time to schedule an appointment, we provide Arlington walk-in denture repair. Our dentists are happy to provide same-day denture repair in Arlington for minor denture problems.
  • Emergency denture repair: Whether your dentures fell to the floor, or you cracked your dentures while chewing, you’ll need denture repair services quickly! We happily provide Arlington emergency denture repair; no need to wait!
  • Partial and Complete denture repair: We provide both Arlington partial and complete denture repair. Complete denture repairs restore completely unusable dentures. However, partial denture repairs in Arlington can also restore chipped or missing teeth.
Arlington emergency denture repair

Reason for Denture Breakage or Cracks

There are several reasons why dentures break or crack, but the most common reason for broken dentures is blunt impact. Dentures can crack or break after falling to the floor or sink. Even a short fall can chip dentures.


However, dentures can also break due to:


  • Daily wear and tear: Pressure from daily use wears down your dentures. Eventually, your dentures will weaken and break no matter how much you care for them.
  • Biting down too hard: If you bite down on a hard piece of food or clench your jaws too tightly, the excess pressure can cause your dentures to crack.
  • Using harsh products: Strong chemicals from hygiene and cleaning products can weaken your dentures. Make sure you use products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and cleaning solutions safe for dentures.
  • Loose dentures: When your dentures do not fit perfectly in your mouth, speaking or chewing can cause awkward angles in the orientation of your dentures. These angles can put pressure on your dentures and cause them to break.

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There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about having broken dentures. Here at Smile Bright, we sympathize with your problem and want to help! That’s why we proudly offer reliable and timely denture repair in Arlington.


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