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Tooth loss becomes more likely as you age. When several teeth are missing, you may find it difficult to eat and you might feel less confident about your smile. In Lynnwood, full dentures from Smile Bright Dentures may prove the ideal solution — we are committed to recreating your perfect smile.


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Full or Complete Dentures in Lynnwood

Complete or Full dentures are removable devices that replace your teeth. They are comfortable, stain-resistant, and simple to remove and clean. In addition, full-mouth dentures look and feel like your natural teeth, making it possible to chew your food and smile confidently.

If you’d prefer a more permanent option, an implant-supported full denture set may be preferable. They mimic your natural teeth even more than the removable type because they don’t slide around as much, and only your dentist can remove them.

The friendly team at Smile Bright Dentures can assist you in deciding which type of complete denture is best for you.

Types of Complete Dentures

We’ll recommend one of three types of complete dentures at our practice. We make all our products from high-quality acrylic and custom-fit them to ensure comfort.

Classic Dentures

Classic dentures are made from heat-cured acrylic and are a good option for those on a limited budget. They are durable because of the layer of in-built protection within them. If you’d like to see how it will look, we can show you a wax version first.

Deluxe Dentures

The deluxe full set of dentures is a step up. They consist of natural-looking teeth set in heat-cured acrylic. The teeth come in 12 different shades, so this set is more customizable than the classic.

Platinum Dentures

These complete dentures are the closest to your natural teeth. We use the best quality heat-cured acrylic with multiple layers of protection. Not only are these the most durable Lynnwood full dentures, but they also come in 27 different shades.


Who Needs Full Dentures?

Several candidates may find full-mouth dentures helpful. You may select them for both practical and cosmetic reasons. In general, these are the reasons they may be the best option:

  •     You’ve lost several teeth and find eating difficult
  •     Teeth maintenance has become difficult
  •     You’ve had extractions due to incorrect or painful growth


Taking Care of Full Dentures

Taking care of your dentures — full set or otherwise — is essential for maintaining good oral health. It is a simple process:

  •     Remove your dentures, if possible, after meals and rinse them
  •     Brush them daily as normal with a soft-bristled toothbrush
  •     Avoid bleach-based cleaning or whitening products as these will degrade the surface
  •     Steer clear of boiling or very hot water as this can soften the acrylic

Do you have more questions? Our team members will provide you with all the aftercare details that you require.


High Quality and Valuable Full Dentures in Lynnwood From Smile Bright

Your search for “full dentures near me” is over. Contact Smile Bright Dentures via our website or call our branch in Lynnwood. Full dentures that fit perfectly and are durable are just a click or call away.


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