25 November, 2021

Cleaning your dentures is just as important as brushing your natural teeth. It prevents further tooth loss, inflamed gums, and bacterial/fungal infections. However, many people don’t understand how to clean dentures properly.

Luckily, Smile Bright Dentures is here to help with complete denture care. Here we provide more information on how to clean dentures properly so you can keep your beautiful smile.

Best Way to Clean Dentures

Maintaining your dentures is more accessible than most people think. It doesn’t require expensive cleaning supplies and consists of nearly identical methods of natural teeth cleaning. Below are some of the best ways to clean and take care of dentures.

Brushing your Dentures

Most people understand that brushing their teeth is vital for oral hygiene. However, many assume brushing their dentures isn’t necessary since they soak overnight. While soaking dentures is essential, it doesn’t remove all the grime like a proper brushing.

Brushing your dentures like your natural teeth is crucial to keep them in prime condition. Use a soft-bristle denture brush to keep your dentures looking their best.


Soaking is a crucial aspect of denture care. It refreshes and sanitizes the denture while extending its lifespan. Most experts recommend placing your dentures in a high-quality denture cleaner overnight after completing the brushing process.

Professional Denture Cleaning

It’s common for denture wearers to think they don’t need to visit a dentist. However, dentists improve dentures and heighten their visual appeal. We suggest seeing a dentist at least once a year for a professional denture cleaning.


how to clean dentures naturally

How to Clean Dentures Naturally

You don’t always need specialized cleaning supplies to clean your dentures. Sometimes you can use everyday household items to keep your dentures looking immaculate.

How to Clean Dentures with Peroxide

Peroxide is a viable alternative to denture cleaners. While it’s best to soak your dentures in a high-grade cleaner, combining peroxide and two tablespoons of baking soda helps your dentures stay healthy and clean.

Rinsing Dentures with Warm Water

It’s always a good idea to rinse your dentures using warm water now and again. It eliminates unwanted buildup in hard-to-reach areas and improves your dentures’ visual appeal.

Just make sure the water doesn’t get too hot. Overly hot water can deteriorate dentures and lead to costly repairs.


how to clean dentures properly

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Dentures Properly

Failing to maintain your dentures can lead to a plethora of oral issues and unnecessary expenses. Sores, stains, gum disease, fungal infections, and more arise if you don’t clean your dentures properly.

You’ll also have to spend a pretty penny replacing your dentures if they become nasty and unusable. It’s crucial to clean your dentures to the best of your ability if you want to maintain good oral health and save money on expensive replacements.

Why Regular Professional Denture Cleaning is Important

Seeing a dentist for a professional denture cleaning is the best way to keep your dentures in immaculate condition. It improves the dentures’ integrity while giving you a gorgeous, healthy smile that boosts self-confidence. Professional denture cleaning also prevents diseases and bacterial infections from arising.

If you’re looking for professional denture cleaning in the greater Everett, WA area or want to learn more about how to clean dentures, Smile Bright Dentures is here for you. We provide high-quality denture cleaning that will have your dentures looking better than ever at an affordable price.

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